Inspired by a beggar's ordeal, this Hyderabad man has built a bike ambulance for the poor

The bike ambulance which he made costs Rs 1.10 lakh and can carry one patient.

In November 2016, a story of 53-year-old beggar went viral, after he was forced to push a cart carrying his dead wife’s body for more than 80 kilometres in Telangana, as he didn’t have the money to pay the local hospital for providing an ambulance. The man identified as Ramulu and his wife Kavitha, both leprosy patients, earned a living by begging at Langer Houz in Hyderabad.

Kavitha died on the night of November 4, 2016 near Lingampally railway station due to ill health.

The disheartening news was covered by almost all the leading newspapers and channels in the country. The social media was full of anguish and shame at the time. Among all of us, there was one man who refused to forget the news and decided to help every man who would be denied an ambulance due to unavailability of money.

The man – Mohammed Shahzore Khan, who is the owner of Deccan Motorcycle and Scooter Garage in Nampally, has designed a bike ambulance by customising a motorcycle by attaching a sidecar equipped with a fully functional ambulance unit to it.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/ The Siasat Daily

The bike ambulance which he made costs Rs.1.10 lakh and can carry one patient. And it has everything from an oxygen cylinder to a stretcher. He took just 35 days to design the bike.

Interestingly, several major hospitals across India have already approached him to purchase the bike ambulance. However, Mohammed isn’t interested in turning the bike ambulance into a commercial venture, but wants to make sure it can help people in need.

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