How Facebook helped two speech-and-hearing impaired people find love

Love in the times of social media just got a whole lot amazing. Tulsi Sharma and Subhendu Saha, her fiance met, fell in love and carried out a successful courtship – all on Facebook. And here some of us cannot even figure out the basics of wooing. Tulsi (20) and Subhendu (28) share more history than just a deep abiding love for each other – both are speech and hearing impaired.

For Tulsi’s father, Gurupada – who hails from Ishwarpur village in Birbhum, West Bengal – the fact that his daughter found love miles away from home, still hasn’t sunk it. “We never imagined our daughter would one day be married to a man from such a far-off land,” he says.

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Credit: Pixabay/representational

The groom, Subhendu, hails from Bengal but his family relocated to Bilaspur, Chattishgarh years ago. Says Gurupada,”We did not even know where Bilaspur was, until she told us. She gave us his number in July, after which we got in touch with his family. They invited us to Bilaspur. We went there and since both boy and girl were ready for marriage, we decided on the dates and returned.”

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The wedding, which was attended by over 250 guests, has become the talk of the town with neighbours. For someone like Tulsi whose farthest journey till her wedding was to Kolkata (which is 160 kms away), to virtually find her life partner in another state has left many stunned.

Facebook, turns out you do have your uses.