Here's why President Ram Nath Kovind's air hostess daughter was moved to ground duties by Air India

Ram Nath Kovind's daughter Swati is an excellent cabin crew member, according to the officials in Air India

Swati, the daughter of President Ram Nath Kovind, has been assigned ground duties in Air India because of security reasons. Swati, who doesn’t use a surname, was an air hostess with the national carrier’s long-haul Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 flights. For almost a month now, she has been deputed with the Air India’s  integration department at the airline’s headquarters in New Delhi.

The department oversees human resource integration of erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India since their merger in 2007.

A source for the airlines explained,

As a President’s daughter I, don’t think she can fly as a crew with security personnel around. It is not possible to block so many passenger seats.

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Swati has been a favourite of her colleagues owing to her diligence. Talking about the fine cabin member, senior official once said Swati never used her influence or flaunted her connections. He said,

A few days back when Swati applied for privilege leave, she did not give the reason that she is doing so as her father is contesting the presidential polls. In fact, she does not even use her surname. Her official records even has her mother’s first name Savita and father’s name is mentioned as only RN Kovind.

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After Ram Nath Kovind was elected President earlier this year, few AI officials were considering approaching him in an attempt to prevent privatisation of the airlines. A member said,

Kovindji was a great help for AICCA in settling two settlements when he was a Rajya Sabha member and he is very familiar with AI.

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