Why Rahul Gandhi's jacket is trending on your timeline

It has stirred up a storm on Twitter.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s recent visit to Meghalaya has stirred up a storm on Twitter. No, he didn’t make any rousing statements against the BJP. Neither did he announce a path-breaking scheme that could  revive Congress’ fortunes.

What caught everyone’s (read BJP) attention was the jacket which he was wearing. The ‘concerned’ Meghalaya leg of  BJP took out time to tweet about it, because, you know, that’s the most burning issue right now in Meghalaya.

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Reports say that Gandhi was wearing a two-in-one down puffer jacket from Burberry, which is a British luxury fashion brand. On the Bloomingdales website, the cost of the jacket was said to be Rs 68,145.

But obviously, this was bound to become a talking point on social media:



BJP’s outrage was clearly in response to Gandhi’s ‘suit-boot ki sarkaar’ comment when PM Modi wore a suit which was worth a whopping Rs 10 lakh. It was the same one which had ‘Modi’ written all over it.

Modi Rs 10 lakh suit

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But it was Congress leader Renuka Choudhary’s hilarious response which stood out from the rest.

Watch it: