Did you know 889 students dropped out of IIT this year! Here's why

No newly formed IITs registered a drop out in 2016-17. Meanwhile, highest number of dropout was from IIT-Roorkee, followed by Delhi (20.6%)

To get an admission in one of the prestigious engineering college in the country, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream of many students. To ensure that they to secure a seat in any of the IITs, many prepare for the exams for years. However, it seems that many of the students have lost interest in the IITs as there are 889 students who have dropped out of the IITs this year.

As per the latest data released by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), in the academic year of 2016-2017 as many as 889 students (about 9 per cent) students have drop out of the IITs. Out of the total students who have left IIT this year, about 630 were Post Graduate students, 196 were PhD scholars and 63 were undergraduates. There has been increase in the number of students who have dropped out of IITs this time as compared to 2015-16.

In 2015-16, around 656 students left the IITs therefore showing an increase of 35% from the previous year. Also, an interesting fact that came to light is that no newly formed IITs (Tirupati, Bhilai, Goa, Dharwad, Jammu and Dhanbad) registered a drop out in 2016-17. Meanwhile, highest number of dropout was from IIT-Roorkee, followed by Delhi (20.6%), Kanpur (17.4%) and Kharagpur (10.6%).

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“The main reason for PhD and postgraduate students leaving courses midway are offers for placement in public sector enterprises and personal preference for better opportunities elsewhere”, as stated by the MHRD. On the other hand, undergraduates left due to their poor performance and because of personal reasons.

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Another reason given by the MHRD for students leaving the course mid way was shortage of faculty. As of July 17 this year, 4,500 seats remain vacant out of 13,012 seats. To address the problem, the ministry has decided to allow faculty working under central autonomous bodies to join IITs. Also, the ministry has asked the alumni, foreign faculty to teach in the IITs.


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