Increase in number of girl students taking admission in IITs this year

There has been an increase of 21% in the number of women students who took admission in the IITs this year as compared to 2016

One of the prestigious engineering institutes of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)  have registered an increase in the number of female students this  year. There has been an increase of  21% in the number of women students who took admission in the IITs  this year as compared to 2016.

Total number of girl students  to take admission in the IITs this year is 1,018, a rise from the last year when 840 girl students took the admission. Among all the IITs, IIT Delhi has registered a significant growth of 30%. Last year 70 women students enrolled themselves, whereas this time, the number increased to 93. In order to increase the number of girl students, IIT Delhi organised an on campus interaction with girls who have passed the exam.

As  per a report in the Hindustan Times, Prof Shalini Gupta, who coordinated the  interaction said, “The response was extremely positive. The idea was essentially to encourage girls to join an IIT and allay any doubts or fears that they or their parents may have had regarding pursuing any area at IIT Delhi.”

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For past  some years, the number of women students taking admissions in the IITs is fluctuating. In 2014, 8.8% women students enrolled in the IITs and number increased in 2015 when 9% girl students took  the admission. However, it again fell to 8%  in 2016.

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In 2016, 84 women students took admission in IIT-Roorkee, the number which has increased to 91  in 2017. Prof. Ajit K, Chaturvedi, IIT Roorkee director  said, “A Webpage was designed and kept at our IITR server to help women candidates. Also, a helpdesk was initiated too”


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