Delhi man promises wife to surprise her, takes her to park and then strangles her

It took Delhi police almost 12 hours to locate the deceased's body.

He had gone to end their fight and had promised her a gift. When they met to sort out things, they chatted for a while and then came the surprise. The husband asked her to close her year and when she did, assuming that he got her a necklace, he put a clutch wire around her neck and strangled her to death.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the man has been identified as Manoj Kumar. He allegedly purchased the wire with the intention to kill her wife, who has been identified as Komal. The couple had got married in 2015, according to the HT report.

It is believed that Manoj suspected Komal of having an extra-marital affair and the couple often fought over the issue. They had been living separately for the past few months. On June 17, he asked Komal to meet him at Bonta Park in north Delhi to sort all differences, to which she readily agreed.

Before going to the park, Manoj bought a clutch wire with an intention to strangle her. The couple met in the park and spoke for a while before he asked Komal to turn around and close her eyes.

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He told her that he had a surprise gift for her. When she turned, he strangled her using the wire. He then left her on the bench and fled the spot. After the police caught hold of him on a tip-off, they took him to the park to locate Komal’s body, but he was too drunk to identify the spot where he had killed her.

It took two Delhi police teams almost 12 hours to locate the deceased’s body. According to media reports, Komal and Manoj met at a Gurgaon bar where she worked. He ran a general store in Kanjhawala. They got married in July 2015, but six months into their marriage, the couple developed differences and fought over trivial issues.

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Besides their differences, Manoj also suspected Komal of having an extra-marital affair and objected to her talking to other men. A case of murder has been registered against Manoj and probe is on.

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