Cleaner Than CNG, Delhi May Soon Test Hybrid Fuel To Reduce Pollution

After countries like the United States, Brazil, Canada and South Korea, India will be soon introduced to a green and cleaner fuel alternative to curb carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions.

The new variant, set to be tested in New Delhi, will be a mixture of hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG) which is likely to make CNG cleaner and more efficient. This hybrid will likely result in low fuel prices and low pollution levels.

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This decision comes following the submission of a report prepared by the Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority (EPCA) to the Supreme Court.

Earlier, SC had directed the Union government and Indian Oil Corporation Limited to explore hydrogen-CNG as an alternative fuel option.

The report suggested that this option could result in the reduction of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals by almost 70 per cent, reports The Times Of India.

The testing on DTC buses for this new option will begin later this month, reports TOI. Roughly, 50 buses will be tested in the first batch following which the results will be presented to the Supreme Court.

If the test is carried out successfully, the buses could hit the roads by August 2019.