Class 8 student in MP poisons classmate after she scores more than her in exam

The police reached the conclusion after going through the CCTV footage which was installed in the classroom

A student of class VIII allegedly tried to poison her friend as the latter scored more marks than her in the exam. After the incident came to light the accused girl tried to commit suicide fearing that she will have to go through the police inquiry. Reportedly, her condition is said to be serious.

The girl, who studies at a private school in Madhya Pradesh, had put the mosquito repellent in her friend’s water bottle. After the girl drank the water from her bottle, she complained of uneasiness and started vomiting. When her health got worse, she was taken to the hospital where she is undergoing treatment. Currently, she is said to be out of danger now.

“Both the girls, aged around 13-14, study in the same class. After drinking water from her bottle, the victim suspected something unusual and told her friend that the water smelt like mosquito repellent. After she began to feel uneasy, the school administration informed her parents, who took her to a hospital,” said Bhupendra Singh, who works as station-in-charge at the Civil Lines police station.

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The police reached the conclusion after going through the CCTV footage which was installed in the classroom. According to the police, in the video, the accused girl can be seen pouring the mosquito repellent in the bottle of her classmate and then she hid the repellent in the bag of another classmate.

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Meanwhile, the accused allegedly tried to end her life by consuming mosquito repellent at her house as she feared a police inquiry into the incident. The doctor who is treating her said that condition of the girl was serious.

(Source: PTI)

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