Boats turn into make shift schools as floods wreak havoc in Assam

People have started floating schools so that students could continue with their studies amid the catastrophic floods in Assam

Assam is currently witnessing severe floods that claimed lives of hundreds of people and have left thousands homeless. The incessant rains have made it difficult for the people of the state to carry on with their daily lives. A number of school across the states remain submerged under water. However, students who have not been able to attend school for several weeks have found a new way to continue with their studies.

The teachers have started a floating school where students are being taught on a boat. Thanks to which, the students are continuing with their studies amid the devastating floods. Students are taught on the boat every day for two hours in the afternoon. The boat, in fact, travels and picks up students from their homes before starting their classes.

“We began conducting the classes on the boat six months ago. It proved a blessing for the students during the floods,” Jahidul Islam, a development with Jhai Foundation was quoted as saying.

Assam floods

Flood affected boys move on a banana raft near partially submerged houses in Morigaon district east of Gauhati, Assam, Bangladesh. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

Jahidul stated that the parents initially expressed concerns and were hesitating to send their child to the floating school. However, watching their students learn amid the current situation, they were now happy.

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A number of schools in the nearby areas remain shut due to floods every year. “Floods damage our houses and crops. But thanks to the classes on the boat, the studies of our children don’t get affected,” parents whose children study in the floating school said. Following the success of the floating schools, demands of more such initiatives have come up.

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Over  23,000 of the 51,898 have been affected due to the floods. While these students have floating schools for continuing with their studies, a number of students have been forced to stop going to school due to the catastrophic floods.