50% of students who scored exact 95 in CBSE English are from Delhi pvt schools. How is that even possible?

The question papers that CBSE sets for schools in the Delhi region are different from those that it has for the rest of the country

Are the students of Delhi private schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) way too good in English compared to the CBSE schools in rest of the country? Well, it seems like. According to CBSE data mined by a New York based engineer Debarghya Das, fifty per cent of those students who scored exactly 95/100 in English were from Delhi private schools.

Here’s the data made available by the 24-year-old techie. All figures have been rounded off:

  1. 15,000 Delhi students who took the CBSE test scored exactly 95 per cent in English

  2. 13, 000 students in the rest of the country scored 95 per cent in English.

So, while 16 per cent of those who took the test in Delhi got exactly 95 per cent in English, only 1.4 per cent of those who took the test in rest of the country got 95 in English.

This is bizarre given that when you analyse the marks of the students who got 96 in English for Delhi and the rest of the country, the results are starkly different.

For 95 percenters (in English)

Delhi: Rest of the country = 16 per cent: 1.4 per cent

Which means, Delhi kids are almost 11 times more likely to get 95 per cent in English than students in rest of the country. 

For 96 per centers

Delhi: Rest of the country = 1.53 per cent: 1 per cent. 

Which means Delhi kids are 0.5 times more likely to get 96 per cent in English than students in rest of the country. 


Huh! So, Delhi students are only good at getting 95 in English and as soon as it becomes 96 per cent, we see their English is almost at par with that of the rest of the country.

More importantly, the board set different question papers for Delhi and rest of the country. Delhi students were also subjected to different standard of moderation and marking schemes. It must be noted that the Boards, Delhi region includes international schools in Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and Qatar.

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As per the ‘moderation’ policy of the CBSE, the marks of students who had to appear for more difficult papers than others will be adjusted by a minor amount, most likely by 1 to 5 marks. However, Das claims that the numbers in the Delhi region do not represent a ‘minor’ increase.

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Speaking to The Indian Express, Das said that “Delhi school kids are only 50 per cent more likely to score 96 and above in English (Core) than kids in the rest of the country.” Das also said that last year also 27 per cent of Delhi candidates (17,080 of 62,963) scored exactly 95, which was 65 per cent of the national 95s.

At a meeting held in Delhi on April 24, CBSE, along with over 30 state boards had decided to do away with the practice of artificially inflating the class xii results. The data culled by Das, however, indicates that the Board might have acted in favour of Delhi private school, reports the Indian Express.