CBSE gave up to 11 extra marks, 10 grace marks in Class 12 this year: Report

The CBSE has given out 11 extra marks in accountancy, 10 in mathematics and 8 in physics and chemistry

What is the maximum limit till which marks can be moderated? The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) seems to have been way to lenient in giving away the marks to students of Class XII this year. As per some documents, 11 extra marks were given in accountancy, 10 in mathematics. Even students in physics and chemistry got 8 extra marks.

A report in the Times of India claims that these extra marks are over and above the set-wise moderated marks that are given on the basis of difficulty level. The report also suggests that the CBSE gave up to 10 grace marks to students who were failing to get the qualifying marks. As per a former controller of examination, till 2009, only three or a maximum of four marks were given as grace.

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The CBSE has given out extra marks in the 18 subjects of Class XII, the documents of which the Times of India claims to have seen. Apart from these, set-specific extra marks have also been awarded to the students for the same question paper(s).

But is there a need for such moderation in marks? Former CBSE chairperson Ashok K Ganguly said that such moderation is important for a national board like the CBSE but he also added that it should be done judiciously. He also said that such moderation in mean marks should not have arisen.

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While the CBSE had said that it would not moderate the marks of the students this year, the Delhi high court had on May 22, 2017, overturned the decision following which the board continued with its “moderation policy”.