Cab driver helps this woman during Mumbai rains. What happened next will restore your faith in humanity

Normal life was severely hit during the rains that lashed Mumbai a week ago. However, the flood-like situation did not deter the Mumbaikars who helped the stranded commuters

The heavy rains in Mumbai that occurred last week put the metropolis to a standstill. However, the helpful attitude of Mumbaikars towards the stranded commuters during the flood-like situation in the city won a lot of accolades. A woman was overwhelmed by the humble gesture of a cab driver and decided to help him get a job.

Shikha Chawla left her office on August 30 at around 3 pm in Mumbai when it started raining. Soon, there was a dearth of cabs and local trains stopped working. However, a cab driver agreed to drop her home. Due to waterlogging on the streets, she had to spend 5-6 hours in the cab with the driver and his relative who was occupying the front seat. In her Facebook post, she revealed that the driver was polite and during the trip he did not ask her to get down and walk the way towards her destination.

“Not once did this man, flip, complain or ask me to walk my way to the destination. I kept receiving calls from loved ones and everyone else who’d seen my previous status update. He watched me answer the calls and said, “Madam, gharwalo ko bata do aap theek thaak pohoch jaoge. Main aapko kaise bhi ghar chodke rahunga. Ab gaadi main sabse surakshit ho.”

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During the conversation, Chawla learnt that the driver was looking for a job in the nearby. She did not waste any time and urged his friends on Facebook for the leads to help the good-natured driver.

The post went viral and generated more than 200 shares. Besides this, several people offered their help in whatever way they could. Isn’t it a heartwearming gesture?

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Source: India Today

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