All Work, No Play: Across The World, Mumbai Employees Work The Most And Vacation Less

According to the report, employees in Mumbai need to work an average 17 times more than a New Yorker to afford an iPhone X

All work and no play make Mumbaikars sad, dull and miserable. And all because Maximum City just works, works and works. According to Price and Earnings 2018 report by Swiss Bank UBS, employees in Mumbai work around 3314 hours/year on an average — the highest in the world. As compared to Mumbai, Delhiites go a little easy on life, working 2511 hours/year, though still among the highest in the world.

As per the report, employees in cities like Helsinki, Moscow, Copenhagen, Paris and Rome worked the fewest hours. Employees in Nigeria’s largest city Lagos worked only 609 hours/year on an average.

And perhaps because of longer working hours, Mumbaikars also took the least number of vacations per year, with only 10.4 vacation days per year. People in Delhi seem more bent on getting away from everyday routines as they take almost double the number of vacations per year as compared to Mumbaikars. The Chinese, however, are even more inclined towards work as they take less than 10 days of vacation in a year. The people in Riyadh seem to have struck the optimal work-life balance, taking 37 vacations in a year, ahead of any other city.

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The report looks at indicators such as price levels, earning levels, purchasing power, working time and measures them against 15 professions across industrial and service sectors such as carpenter, bus drivers, teachers, nurses etc.

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The report also shows how long people need to work across the world to afford things like iPhone X. A person in New York only needs to work 54 hours to buy an iPhone whereas a Mumbaikar needs to work 917 hours on an average and a Delhiite needs to log at least 800 hours to afford the same. Employees in Zurich fare the best in that regard as they only need to work 38 hours to buy the most expensive smartphone in the world.

Mumbaikars also spend more on housing and rent that people in Delhi. Though, according to the report, living in Mumbai is far cheaper than living in cities like London, Dubai, Paris, New York and Hong Kong.