Mumbai Police Is Warning Criminals To Mend Their Ways Or 'Face The Music'. Like Literally

Their Twitter game is always spot on!

The ever-sassy Mumbai Police have ramped up it’s Twitter game, this time with a special playlist for criminals. They tweeted a well-thought compilation of songs and each and every track on the playlist can be considered as a warning issued straight from a Mumbai cops’ jukebox.

This is not the first time that the Mumbai police has caused a stir with its tweet.

Let’s not forget the time when it took to video games to spread the message of Road safety.

And here, when it showed off a little wordplay to counter cyber crimes

When they said it loud and clear and had all the women cheering for them.

The one where they schooled Twitter

This doesn’t need an explanation!

*Slow claps*

They issued a “before you leave home” checklist, in public interest

Ministry of tourism, take note.

(Written by Shreya Bansal)