Will Sunil Grover be able to survive without Kapil Sharma?

There are multiple reports about Sunil Grover leaving The Kapil Sharma Show. But, can Grover afford quitting Kapil Sharma's TRP raking show?

Since the entire controversy of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover broke, things haven’t been favourable for the former. It all started with Kapil’s display of aggression on a Mumbai-bound flight from Melbourne. Soon after the entire incident caught the attention, much has been written and talked about it. It is not hidden how Kapil is facing the brunt with many writing off his career owing to his pride.

A large chunk of people are on Sunil’s side in the entire episode and saying The Kapil Sharma Show will lose its spine if he left. This leads us to wonder if Sunil Grover can afford to leave The Kapil Sharma Show?

Though, Sunil Grover sits on a pedestal where he enjoys a huge fan following, leaving The Kapil Sharma Show might not turn out to be fruitful for him. Once Sunil’s character Guthi became extremely popular on Comedy Night With Kapil, he moved on with his own show on a rival channel. Mad In India which aired on Star Plus couldn’t even come close to CNWK’s fame and eventually was pulled off the air due to less TRPs. As a result, Sunil Grover returned to CNWK and he and Kapil gave viewers everything they missed. On returning to the CNWK, Sunil washed his hands saying

On returning to the CNWK, Sunil washed his hands off saying Mad In India wasn’t only his show as there were other comedians associated with it. True. But, it shouldn’t be forgotten it was religiously marketed as Guthi’s show. Mentioning about his TV career, Sunil played the protagonist in Sab’s show Gutur Gu, but it didn’t get him a fraction of popularity which CNWK fetched him.

Varun Dhawan on The Kapil Sharma Show

Varun Dhawan promoting Badrinath Ki Dulhania on The Kapil Sharma Show (Courtesy: Varinder Chawla)

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Apart from TV, Sunil Grover has also appeared in films, though most of his roles are forgettable. Undoubtedly, Sunil was appreciated for his performances in the film- be it Baaghi or Gabbar Is Back, but it was disregarded in presence of bigger names like Akshay Kumar. Also, when he tried to carry a film on his shoulder (Coffee With D), it turned out to be bleak too. The film Coffee With D neither generated buzz nor raised opinions of critics, making it a bad choice for Sunil.


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Now, Sunil Grover may have worked in both in the television and film industry, but he is essentially seen as a comedian of small screen by viewers. It should also not be forgotten that after this entire fiasco broke, all fans of The Kapil Sharma Show have been hoping that Kapil and Sunil got back together. Sunil and Kapil’s camaraderie is one of the biggest contributors of the former’s fandom, so quitting the show might not turn fruitful for him as well.

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover in a still from The Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover in a still from The Kapil Sharma Show.

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Staying on The Kapil Sharma Show or leaving it, is a decision which Sunil would take sooner or later. While we are not commenting on whether he should continue or quit, it is the value of Sunil Grover’s brand sans Kapil Sharma that has piqued our attention. If history is to be taken into mind, the chances aren’t bright. But then, we could be wrong as well since it was our poll that declared Sunil Grover more popular than Kapil Sharma. Guess, only time has the answer!

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