In Kapil Sharma vs Sunil Grover, other cast members have picked sides

Members of The Kapil Sharma Show have chosen their sides between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover

As it happens after any fight, people close to the ones arguing are forced to take sides; the line has been drawn in The Kapil Sharma Show as well. The crew members of the hit comedy show have clearly taken a stand on the matter. After Kapil Sharma fought with Sunil Grover, the cast Ali Asgar, Sumona Chakravarti, Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar have chosen their team.

Have a look at the divided teams:

Chandan Prabhakar was the among the first ones to voice his opinion. In an interview to a daily, Chandan, who is also Kapil’s childhood friend, accepted he hadn’t shot for the episode. Chandan also said that he is not sure about returning to the show.

Ali Asgar is reported to have left The Kapil Sharma Show. Ali has still not said anything on the matter but reports have it that he is moving on with another show.

Kiku Sharda refuted rumours about him leaving The Kapil Sharma Show. In fact, he also told a leading daily that Kapil did not abuse or misbehave with him on the flight. Kiku made it clear he won’t be quitting the show.

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Sumona Chakravarti too hasn’t left The Kapil Sharma Show. She also shot for the latest episode and Rochelle Rao shared a video on social media.

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Rochelle Rao, who comes on the show sometimes as a nurse, has also decided to stick with Kapil Sharma in the entire fiasco.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, who recently won an election in Punjab, has chosen to stay far away from this episode. Reports have it, Sidhu will continue being nestled in his chair.

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While there are few who have decided to stay with Kapil, the ugly truth is that if Sunil leaves the show it will be a big blow to Sharma. Meanwhile, there are rumours that The Kapil Sharma Show might go off air. Let us wait to see what happens now.
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