Actress abduction case: Kamal Haasan reveals identity of victim, loses cool when opposed

Kamal Haasan reportedly misused his freedom of expression byallegedly revealing the identity of the Malayalam actress who was abducted on February 18

Kamal Haasan is in news again, but for a wrong reason. After coming under fire from a fringe Hindu outfit Hindu Makkal Katchi over his ongoing Tamil Bigg Boss, he has found himself in another controversy. This time he is facing the heat for reportedly revealing the name of the Malayalam actress who was abducted and assaulted on February 18.

While speaking to the reporters over the Bigg Boss controversy, he was asked to comment on the assault case. The 62-year-old actor lost his cool when a female reporter cautioned him not to reveal the victim’s name.

“The safety of women is not only important in cinema, it should be the same everywhere. Your safety (looking at the female reporter) in this crowd is important to me. I will not let anything happen to you. It’s my duty to see you go out safely. It’s a duty of every man to protect women. So it’s not about actresses. We are not supporting her (revealed her name) because she is an actress.

The reporter was quick to ask him not to reveal the name of the victim to which Haasan replied quite shockingly. “It doesn’t matter. I’m talking in a public forum. Why not the name? Let it come. Don’t hide the name. There’s nothing wrong in mentioning her.  If you want to call her Draupadi, call her Draupadi. Don’t call only a ‘female’. Nothing wrong with that”, Kamal Haasan said.

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Malayalam actor Dileep was arrested on July 10 in connection with the case and sent to two days police custody by a lower court. His bail application will come up for hearing on July 14.

Well, Mr Kamal Haasan, disrespecting the law and hurting sentiments of women are not part of freedom of expression.

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