Day after actress' abduction, here's how Malayalam actor Dileep reacted

Malayalam actor Dileep, who has been arrested in actress abduction case, had made a speech at an event to express solidarity with the victim

The arrest of Malayalam actor Dileep on July 10 in connection with the abduction and assault of an actress has created shockwaves across Kerala. In a career spanning more than two decades, Dileep has acted in more than 130 films, most of them turning out to be huge money-spinners at the Box Office. Having earned praises for portraying challenging roles in films like Punjabi House, Joker, Thenkasipattanam, Darling Darling, Kalyanaraman, Kunjikoonan, Thilakkam, Chandupottu, Pachakuthira and Mayamohini.

Besides this, Dileep has won 4 Kerala state Awards, 4 Asianet Awards and 2 Filmfare awards. His previous releases like Two Countries, King Liar and Welcome To Central Jail were box office success as well. An old video of his speech at a public event on February 19 has gone viral.

The meeting was held on February 19, to express solidarity with the Malayalam actress who was assaulted in a moving car. Besides Dileep, prominent members of the film fraternity like Mammootty, Innocent, Jayasurya, Manju Warrier and Lal were present.

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Here’s what Dileep said: “I was shocked to hear this news as I always considered her as my own family member. We have acted in many films. And it’s more tragic to hear that this incident happened in our own state.” Click here to watch the video.

Our media should not misquote any reports and should support in a positive way and I believe police will find out the culprits soon. This is not an issue that concerns only film industry but our entire state. We should worked together against this so that no more such incidents can happen in our state”, Dileep added.

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