No Game of Thrones till 2019! 19 shows to watch while waiting for its return

Ozark to Narcos, these shows will keep you busy till Game Of Thrones returns

Game of Thrones won’t be coming back till 2019, HBO has officially confirmed. Which implies that the wait for winter is going to be really long. The answer to who will sit on the iron throne, would not be known anytime sooner.

GoT fans may want to skip this year and jump straight to 2019, but since that’s impossible, we thought it would be best to help them. As you wait for the fantasy series to return, we came up with shows you should watch meanwhile.

1) Outlander (3 seasons available)

A love story spun around time travel. By the end of episode one, you’ll find it difficult to not root for Claire and Jamie.

2) Black Mirror (4 seasons available)

Fan of technology? Black Mirror will force you to think about the dark side of it.

3) House of Cards (5 seasons available)

Frank Underwood goes on a spree to seek revenge on the ones who betrayed him, and becomes World’s most powerful leader. The twists and turns in this one will keep you hooked.

4) Daredevil (2 seasons available)

Attorney by day and vigilante by night, a blind Murdock / Daredevil fights crime on the streets of New York.

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5) The Last Kingdom (2 seasons available)

Set in the year 872, the epic series tells the story of Wessex, the only kingdom to have not kneeled before the invasion of Danes. Our hero Uhtred, is divided between claiming his birthright and playing a part in building a new nation.

6) The Punisher (1 season available)

After his family is brutally murdered, all Frank Castle wants is to avenge their death.

7) Kurt Seyit and Sura (2 seasons available)

A Turkish soldier falls in love with a Russian’s noble daughter against the backdrop of the Russian revolution. Watch this if historical fiction and romance is your cup of tea.

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8) The 100 (4 seasons available)

97 years after civilization has been wiped out from Earth, humanity’s lone survivors are sent to the planet in hope of re-populating it.

9) Downtown Abbey (6 seasons available)

Centred around the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, this would be liked by those who have a penchant for historical fiction.

10) Peaky Blinders (4 seasons available)

Set in the post World War I era, the crime drama focuses on a gangster family and the leader Tommy Shelby who wants to rise in the world at all costs.

11) The Handmaid’s Tale (1 season available)

A taut thriller filled with heart-wrenching performances, this Emmy winning series focuses on a dystopian world where women are treated as objects.

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12) Stranger Things (2 seasons available)

A missing boy and abnormal activities push an entire town to the edge, forcing them to think again about everything they believe.

13) The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (1 season available)

New York city resident Miriam “Midge” Maisel has a perfect life, and one day she decides to try her hand on a stand-up comic. Her journey to popularity will tickle your funny bones and make you believe in all good things.

14) Big Little Lies (1 season available)

What lies behind the posh life of residents of Monterey? This miniseries which swept Emmys last year touches on important topics like domestic abuse and women empowerment.

15) Narcos (3 seasons available)

Tracing the life of Colombia’s infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, this series will keep you hooked with its intense performances and nail-biting thrill.

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16) Orphan Black (5 seasons available)

Too many clones! A hustler finds herself in a middle of a conspiracy when her lookalike commits suicide.

17) Ozark (1 season available)

A financial advisor, who launders Mexican drug money, relocates his family to Missouri Ozarks, after a transaction goes awry.

18) Mindhunter (1 season available)

Are criminals born or are they made? FBI agents delve deep into the psychology of these monsters putting a lot at risk.

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19) The Crown (3 seasons available)

The coronation and term of the longest living monarch of The Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II, this series is thoroughly enjoyable.

Just in case you still have time after watching these series, you can obviously go back to watching and re-watching seven seasons of Game Of Thrones.


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