7 desi web series that don't exist yet, but totally should

Don’t you wish there were some spicy desi web series out there that you actually want to watch? Here's a list of 7 series that should be made ASAP:

Everybody knows that feeling- it’s Friday night and nobody has invited you to their party  you’re spending a quiet evening alone scrolling through the internet. While we’ve got a bunch of interesting web series, there comes a point in your binge-watching adventures that you have absolutely nothing to watch, especially in the desi department. Yes, life is full of difficulties.

Don’t you wish there were some spicy desi web series out there that you actually want to watch and look forward to everyday? We’ve made a list of seven such web-series that we’d love to watch. Check ’em out (and producers, please reach out to us. Thanks!) :

1) Bigg Boss anti-thesis : Literally a show where ex-Bigg Boss contestants are taught to sit, talk and behave like normal people. They’ll have to converse without screaming, spitting or punching other. Imagine a world where Bigg Boss contestants are actually well mannered and civil. TRPs over the roof, right?


2) I’m a celebrity…Get me out of Bollywood: For the uninitiated, Get Me Out of Here is a survival reality television game show in which celebrities have to survive in jungles with very few basic comforts. In this version, celebs like Ed Sheeran will be trapped in Bollywood parties. They’ll have to fight away characters like Farah Khan and Sophie Choudry in a bid to stay sane. If that doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seats, nothing will.

3) Coffee with Nepotism – A talk show where Karan Johar sits down with a new star kid everyday and talks about how difficult it is to deal with the nepotism tag. And how difficult it is to drive their sports cars on bumpy Indian roads whilst trying not to spill coffee on their Balmain blazers. You know, the typical everyday struggles.

4) F.R.A.A.N.D.S. :  Desi version of FRIENDS where the five protagonists are creepy AF and ‘want to do frandship’ with as many people as possible. Just like on social media. Their daily activities include preparing daily schedules of ‘hi dear’ and ‘send bob’ texts. Intriguing to say the least.

5) Keeping up with Rakhi Sawant : Let’s face it, Kim doesn’t have half the dramatic skills that Rakhi Sawant was born with. Quality television, people!

6) Salman Ka Swayamvar : Don’t make that face. We know, you’d watch it. Your parents would watch it. Your grandparents would watch it. Your driver would toh ji  definitely watch it.

7) Sanskaari Chronicles : Weekly discourses with Pahlaj Nihalani where he talks about Indian Sanskaars with little snippets of very clean movies like Julie 2 thrown in to jazz up the series. Nothing too “lady oriented” though (*cough* Lipstick Under My Burkha *cough*).

8)The Diary of Rani Padmava– : Nope. Sorry. Nothing here. This one isn’t getting released any time soon.