Naveen Prakash has 4 interesting things to reveal about Bani, Manveer & Manu post eviction

Naveen Prakash says that he always listened to his heart in Bigg Boss 10. He says that the audience should have understood his game plan and voted for him.

Naveen Prakash, who entered Bigg Boss 10 as a commoner bid adieu to the controversial reality show last night. After the much dramatic announcement by host Salman Khan, Naveen was made to leave the show. His elimination also adds to the back-to-back eviction commoners are facing in Bigg Boss 10. Known as the master among his friends — Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Swami Om in the house, Naveen Prakash says that he felt VJ Bani doesn’t deserve to be in the show. He also spoke about Manu and Manveer and mentioned how Bigg Boss has changed his life. Post his eviction, he talked to Indian Express and made these interesting statements:

On VJ Bani:

Bani shouldn’t be there inside the house, because throughout 26 days, a lot of her selfishness was seen. She is self-centered.

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On Manu and Manveer driving more footage:

I gave my best. I felt during weekend episodes, Manu and Manveer used to get more footage but I used to perform better in all the tasks. All the celebs had their image already. Manu had done a reality show before this. Manveer had a good branding before the start of the show.

Naveen Prakash in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photos for

Naven Prakash in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

On what went wrong for him:

I never did  anything unjust. Instead of taking it negatively, people should see whatever I did positively, that this guy used his mind to survive. Bigg Boss is not a picnic house and people should have saluted my efforts. But I don’t know why people took it negatively. It was all a game plan inside the house.

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Navin Prakash Lokesh Singh in Bigg Boss 10 Colors TV photo for

Navin Prakash, Lokesh Singh in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Colors TV)

On has Bigg Boss changed his life:

I have no idea how life will be now. When I walk on the road or travel in train, if someone recognises me or talks to me, or if I get a very big offer or contact from any channel, then I would consider that Bigg Boss gave me something. Right now, I haven’t been able to experience the difference.

Naveen is the third contestant to have been eliminated from Bigg Boss 10. And much like the previous two, he’s also an aam admi. Will India stop saving celebrities from eviction this week?

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