Black dresses to dark humour: Golden Globes had everything, expect the Weinstein accusers

The 75th Golden Globes had everything, except many of those women who made #MeToo possible by sharing their stories of abuse.

The 75th Golden Globes had everything. Beautiful films, glamour, and a healthy dose of controversy. The first major award show to be held since the lid blew off the morbid underbelly of Hollywood, we’d expected fireworks. Unfortunately for all of us, Seth Meyers is no Tina Fey-Amy Poehler. Although the show had its bright moments (hey there, Natalie Portman!), what it didn’t have: women who made #MeToo possible.

Ashley Judd, who was one of the first people to speak up against Weinstein, was there, as was Tarana Burke, who started #MeToo. But actresses Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Mira Sorvino, Annabella Sciorra, Daryl Hannah and actor / singer Corey Feldman were strangely not present in the most hyped protest-demonstration against sexual harassment in Hollywood, we’ve seen in recent history.

You’ve Got (No) Mail

Who are the most prominent women advocating for the #MeToo campaign that you didn’t see? Take a look:

Rose McGowan: Rose accused Weinstein of allegedly raping her._She has, at every step, called out ‘the hypocrisy’ of those who or who she attacks when it comes to sexual harassment o. Even Meryl Streep is not off-limits.

Asia Argento: Italian actress, Asia Argento who accused Weinstein of allegedly forcefully performing oral sex on her in 1997, was also not invited to the protest demonstration at the 75th Golden Globes.

Mira Sorvino:_She not only accused Weinstein of several instances of sexual harassment but also of blacklisting her (claims that were backed by LOTR director, Peter Jackson). Sorvino, wasn’t there either.

Annabella Sciorra: The Sopranos star accused Weinstein of multiple counts of alleged sexual harassment over the years.

Daryl Hannah: The Sens8 actress accused Weinstein of multiple counts of harassment, including forcefully opening the door to her hotel room.

Rosanna Arquette: While visiting him at a hotel to pick up a movie script, Rosanna alleges that Harvey greeted her in a bathroom and grabbed her hand towards his penis, all the while bragging about others who ‘had done it’.

For a night dedicated to solidarity for survivors of sexual harassment, this ‘memory loss’ while inviting guests seems appalling, does it not?

While 300 of Hollywood’s most powerful women sign up to safeguard workplaces against harassment, the ones whose tales of abuse have made this possible, were left in the sidelines.

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Oprah, while winning the Cecile B DeMille award may have thanked the women for speaking up, but it would been much more potent, had these women been given a seat side-by-side with Hollywood’s elite, to show that the industry stands by its own, and that truly do mean it when they, Time’s Up.