All the Money in the World, but just for actors? Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams and the gender pay gap row

Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for All the Money in the World. Guess how much Michelle Williams was paid?

Women in Hollywood are in no mood to cower down anymore. After making a powerful statement by wearing black at the Golden Globes 2018 red carpet, their fight for equality in the entertainment industry continues. Founder of Women and Hollywood, Melissa Silverstein has revealed and alleged that for the re-shoots of All the Money in the World, actress Michelle Williams was paid far less than her male co-star, Mark Wahlberg.

And with this revelation, the movie finds itself embroiled in yet another controversy after sexual misconduct allegations were levelled against one of its lead actors, Kevin Spacey. Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer and the movie was re-shot. But it has come to light that for re-shooting the movie, apparently Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, while the female lead, Michelle Williams was paid approximately $1,000.

All the Money in the World

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Calling out this gender pay gap, Melissa Silverstein and later, Jessica Chastain put out a tweet challenging this unjustifiable pay disparity between the leading male and female actors.


Initially, both Michelle and Mark agreed to do the re-shoots for no fee, but later, they negotiated.

All the Money in the World

Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg in a still from the movie/ YouTube

In November, a Washington Post report stated ‘Mark Wahlberg was paid $2 million for approximately 10 days of work’, while Michelle got only a fraction.

Wahlberg was declared world’s highest-paid actor of 2017 with about $68 million pretax income, according to the Forbes survey edging out Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson. Emma Stone was declared the highest paid actress with a meager $26 million. Needless to say, Hollywood’s gender pay gap is alive and kicking.

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