"Most horror films made here are comedies", Arshad Warsi's Golmaal Again interview is full of funny quips

Arshad Warsi gets candid about Golmaal Again, working with Ajay Devgn, Munnabhai 3 and why the genre of horror-comedy remains unexplored

Over the years, Arshad Warsi has established himself as the go-to comic actor in Bollywood. The Jolly LLB actor won over the audience time and again with his comic timing in franchises like MunnabhaiDhamaal and Golmaal. Though Warsi also featured in several dramas like Sehar and Ishqiya, the actor revealed in an interview that he had no issues to act in ensemble comedy films.

Ahead of Golmaal Again‘s release, the actor spoke to us about the film, working with Ajay Devgn, Munnabhai 3 and why the genre of horror-comedy remains unexplored.


Why do you think horror-comedy an unexplored genre in Bollywood?
Most of the horror films made here are comedies. But this one is intentionally funny. I think the criteria for any business is to make money. So everybody goes for the safe route and when you have excess money, you try something new. This is the reason why a lot of comedies are made here, but not a lot of horror comedies. Horror is one space which actually doesn’t have a huge audience. The films Rohit Shetty makes are huge, so for him to make a horror film would be a bad idea. As far horror comedy is concerned, it is very good space for him to venture into. In fact, I wouldn’t call Golmaal Again a horror-comedy. It is a comedy with an element of ghost in it.

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How difficult is it to get new character traits with every passing film in the franchise?
I think my character has been the same throughout the franchise. But in this film, Ajay Devgn has a beautiful element of getting scared. It completely contrasts the personality that he otherwise has. In the morning, he is this macho guy who is not scared of anything and goes around beating up the bad guys, but in the night, he is scared of ghosts. I think he has a very good character.

Which according to you is the weakest film in the Golmaal Franchise?
I think Golmaal Returns was the weakest film from the franchise and even Rohit agrees on it. The thing I like about him is that he accepts where he goes wrong. He knows what worked and what didn’t work. According to me, the first half of Golmaal 3 is by far the funniest of any comedy film I have ever seen in my life. The dialogues, scenes, Mithun Da’s track, Disco Dancer, it was all hilarious. So he corrected the mistakes he committed in Golmaal Returns and came back with a bang.

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Do you feel uncomfortable at any point of time while working in such big ensemble films?
I am fortunate regarding a couple of things. I don’t have an ego and I don’t have greed. These are a few negative things that kill people’s career. I am absolutely fine to do an ensemble film. When I do a film alone, it pulls it a certain number of people in the cinema hall, but when I do a film with Ajay, the space increases. There are more people to see you. I believe it is better to have someone like Ajay Devgn as the lead so that he gets hit by the first bullet.

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What’s happening with Munnabhai 3?
I met Rajkumar Hirani a few days back and we both are excited to start working on Munnabhai 3. The entire focus would go on Munnabhai once they are done with the Sanjay Dutt biopic. The story is ready with a very nice and relevant script.

Do you think it would have been ideal for Sanjay Dutt to make a come back with Munnabhai 3?
I would have liked Sanjay Dutt to do Munnabhai as his comeback film, but you can’t stop someone from working. He is a workaholic.

Golmaal Again is slated to hit the theatres on October 20.

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