Masaba Gupta called 'illegitimate child' for tweeting in support of fire cracker ban. Read her powerful response

Ace designer Masaba Gupta has responded to the barrage of abusive comments she received for tweeting in support of Supreme Court’s decision to ban on the sale of firecrackers. In a social media post, Masaba said that she was called a ‘bastard child’ for making the pro-ban tweet. Masaba is actress Neena Gupta and West Indies cricketing legend Vivian Richards’ daughter, born out of a wedlock. She said she was immune to the shame associated with words like “illegitimate child” since she has been at the receiving end of these comments since her childhood. She also said that her legitimacy comes from her work. Talking about how proud she was of her parents she said: “I am a proud Indo-Caribbean girl who doesn’t know how to shrink and crumble in shame of something you and your society cannot handle. ”

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Here is her post:

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The conversation around banning of sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR has reached toxic levels with trolls giving the issue a communal tinge and calling it “selective shaming” of Hindu festivals.

Twitter celebrity and author Chetan Bhagat was one of the most prominent personalities to point out the “Hindu” angle to the apex court’s ruling.

However, even he came out in support of Masaba.

Several other prominent personalities gave a thumbs up to Masaba’s brave post.

More power to Masaba.