Faltu News: Armaan Malik learns dance because of Salman Khan. Let's go gaga over it

So Armaan Malik says that since Salman Khan wanted him to be a complete performer, he started learning dance and now he thanks Salman for the same

Amid all that have been happening throughout the day in the entertainment world, one news caught our eye and instantly qualified to be the #faltunews of the day. Singer Armaan Malik of Main Hoon Hero Tera fame revealed that actor Salman Khan asked him to polish his dancing skills. Media was abuzz with the news of how Armaan is crediting Bhaijaan for being the ultimate inspiration behind discovering his love for dance.

Armaan was first launched in Salman’s Jai Ho and he mentioned in an interview that it was one of the Bhai’s prodigies who taught him dancing. Salman basically wanted him to be a complete performer. And according to him, dance is an add-on skill that makes a singer a good performer. Talking about the same, Armaan said:

Now obviously at that age, I didn’t know how to dance properly, so he said that ‘you can’t perform’. He said, ‘If you can sing, you should know to dance as well, only that makes you a complete performer. You should know how to dance and sing together on stage’.

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So, we at InUth genuinely felt that any singer, who is doing well by offering such good melodies in the industry, doesn’t need to focus on being a ‘complete performer.’ And such a random, personal suggestion by a big actor to a singer really doesn’t need to be emphasised much.

Let’s just stop treating every mismatch quote as an important news. There’s a lot happening in the world. Isn’t it?

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