InUth Pick: 7 Bollywood interviews that went beyond movie promotions and made a point

As mind-blogging as the year was for Bollywood, it was also when celebrities bared their souls to reveal their lesser known side. These candid interviews brought to light the stark difference between the reel and real.

The curtains are drawing in on the year 2016 and it is ‘that time’ of the year to look back at what has passed by. This year tinsel vile was rocked by controversies, ranging from an alleged closet affair to movie releases being threatened, from many renowned members of film fraternity being at loggerheads with the censor board to over hyped movies turning into box office failures.

As mind-blogging as the year was for Bollywood, it was also when celebrities bared their souls to reveal their lesser known side. These candid interviews brought to light the stark difference between the reel and real.

Another common element that some of these interviews had was the non-scripted way celebs touched important points. They didn’t hold anything back in divulging details about their personal lives, how stardom does and doesn’t affect them, and even made statements baring the hypocrisy of the film industry at times.

With the year 2017 knocking at the doors, have a look at seven interviews that made 2016 a better year:

Karan Johar interview with Anna Vetticad for

He is a filmmaker, a TV host, and the head honcho of one of the most illustrious production houses of Bollywood, but this year Karan Johar was deemed ‘anti-national’. Why? Because he cast a Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in his ambitious project Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The movie opened in theatres after becoming a topic of national debate. After the din died, Karan sat for a candid chat with Anna and revealed all expected from him. Karan addressed rumors about truncating Fawad’s character fearing backlash, about the film industry being sexist adding that men command more money, and about why it is considered fine in a relationship that a man treats a woman as a doormat. KJo also spoke at length about why his movie’s characters Alizeh, Saba, and Ayan were the way they were.

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Dear Zindagi Twitter photo for

Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Dear Zindagi (Courtesy: Twitter/ RedChiliesEnt)

The interviewer called this conversation with SRK something that satisfied him as a writer. And it did satisfy us even us viewers. In the interview, King Khan maintained that his movies will be watched as long as Indian cinema lives. The 51-year-old actor revealed how scandalous headlines about his daughter Suhana wearing a bikini made him awkward. SRK addressed how the failure of Fan left him speechless and he couldn’t explain it to anyone, including his family.

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Madhuri Dixit and Deepika Padukone in conversation for India Today

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit

Two actresses sat for a conversation and the result was what you’d expect. What made this conversation endearing was that both actresses spoke about how things have changed in Bollywood. Madhuri pointed out that at the peak of her career, she was shooting three movies at once and it was difficult to keep up with the pressure of looking good. Madhuri and Deepika spoke about how their work sometimes takes a toll on their health and relationships.

Sonam Kapoor for Film Companion

You know sexism is a real issue in Bollywood when a renowned actress like Sonam Kapoor speaks about it. Her conversation with brother Harshvardhan Kapoor for Film Companion was about the competition in the interview and how they brought in teachings of their father Anil Kapoor with them to their jobs. But then Sonam removed the cloak on sexism in the film industry and said you don’t have liberty in the industry of if you are a woman. Sonam said her upcoming chick flick Veere Di Wedding went on a tough road as far as the budget is concerned and was sure other male actors didn’t experience the same.

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Kangana Ranaut interview with Rahul Kanwal for India Today

Much has been written, said and investigated about the Kangana Ranaut- Hrithik Roshan ‘affair’. When the controversy was at its peak, Kangana gave an all heart interview to Rahul Kanwal where she revealed that the sadistic reporting unsettled her. Kangana added calling her names revealed the society’s mentality towards women and said she felt the burden of being labeled a feminist.

Irrfan Khan’s interview with Bhupendra Chaubey for News 18

The versatile actor answered why Bollywood celebrities choose to keep quiet on important topics. Irrfan made this statement after Salman Khan’s rape comment had got the latter a lot of ire. Irrfan said that when it came to matters like these, Bollywood doesn’t seem united. He also said that actors are not entitled to opinions.

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Priyanka Chopra interview with Anupama Chopra

The Desi Girl of Bollywood who made all the right noises in the West for the larger part of this year gave a sneak peek to her life in this interview. Priyanka showed her splendid house, spoke about shattering the glass ceiling and pointed out how different or similar it was for her to get a fresh start in Hollywood after her stardom in Bollywood.