Baahubali 2: Leave Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, we bet you missed this epic 'additional character' in the SS Rajamouli film

Baahubali 2 has Prabhas, Rana Daggubati as male leads but we bet you did not observe this fantastic usage of additional character by SS Rajamouli in the film

Baahubali 2 is making the world go gaga over the grandeur of Indian films. The film, directed by SS Rajamouli was released on April 28 and is still running to packed theatres. After watching it for the fourth time now (I told you that I have to watch it at least four times), there’s another sweet observation that I have made. Last time when I watched it, I realised how that woman from the praja had the maximum affection for Baahubali. This time I realised that there was another big actor apart from Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishnan and Sathyaraj in the film.

Kudos to Shri Rajamouli’s imagination, he utilised ‘trees’ and made it an additional character in Baahubali 2. You ask, how? Well, let’s talk about it step by step. If you have watched Baahubali 2 and can still remember it from the scene by scene, you’d now realise how Prabhas had to use a tree every time he was set to be the saviour of mankind. Starting from when he has the first glimpse of Devasena to the climax of the film, the trees had an important role to play. In fact, if those trees were not there, I don’t think it would have been easier for Baahubali to kill his enemies. Okay, so now you see, the first time when Amrendra Baahubali meets Devasena in his kingdom, she is combating regular dacoits. Later in that scene, both Baahubali and Kattappa mama fight with a few dacoits in the forest and even though it’s a hilarious scene, it’s even funnier how Baahubali cuts the tree to save Kattappa while he’s shown completely swooned away by Devasena’s beauty.

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Later, in order to save Devasena and her kingdom from the attack of Pindaris, he begins to perform his duty. He senses that those Pindaris are too many in numbers and they are proceeding towards Devasena’s palace, he climbs a tree and uses it to jump down the high walls of the palace before landing amid bulls. And then he stands on the running bulls and emerges like a fire from ashes. Yohoo!

Prabhas in a still from Baahubali 2

Prabhas in a still from Baahubali 2

Okay, so the third time Baahubali shows his love for the trees is when he is sent on an exile. While he’s living with Devasena in Mahishmati with poor people, he solves the water problem in the area by using two big coconut trees (or were they date palms?) to fetch and supply water from the lake to his praja.

Even in the epic Kattappa killing Baahubali scene, when Baahubali tries to save Kattappa from those evil looking creatures, we see a few dead bodies hanging on a cross-shaped tree.

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Prabhas, Prabhas in Baahubali 2

A scene from Baahubali 2 starring Prabhas

Let’s now come to how Mahendra Baahubali, too, feels veered towards trees while fighting battles. The second Baahubali is shown using the tree first when Bhallala Deva asks his army to attack him. He, quite smartly, uses the trunk of the trees to kill so many soldiers from Bhallala’s army at a time. This is followed by the most questionable scene in the film — when Baahubali makes his army fly and land in the Mahishmati palace. Remember what they do? They first use a long coconut tree (or was that a date palm, again?) as stairs and then jump off it in groups to make way into the palace.

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Prabhas in a still from Baahubali 2, Kanha So Ja Zara

Prabhas in a still from Baahubali 2

Leave the action scenes, trees have an important role to play in romance as well. Where does the ‘Kanha’ sleep when Devasena is apologetically asking him to sleep well? Yes, on a tree.

So, that was the entire saga of how Baahubali 2 was not just the story of revenge between Baahubali and Bhallala Deva and those were not the only characters which entertained you. Though I am not watching the mahaan film again, I’ll, of course, write if some other share-worthy observation strikes me soon.

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