Baahubali 2 is amazing but dear SS Rajamouli you owe us an explanation for this scene

Baahubali 2, directed by SS Rajamoui, has set the Box Office on fire but there is one scene in this movie that did not connect with the viewers

Baahubali 2 cannot be questioned when it comes to grandeur or the cinematic experience it gave viewers. By directing such a movie, SS Rajamouli proved his love for cinema and his mettle as one of the greatest filmmakers of the country. The man of the moment is being showered with appreciation from around the globe. While I am in awe of the opulence of Baahubali: The Conclusion, there is one particular scene in the movie, where Rajamouli went a little overboard with the special effects.

All seemed amazing and perfect in the movie, till Mahendra Baahubali decided to avenge his father Amrendra Baahubali’s murder. The cruel king of Mahismati Bhallala Deva got Amrendra killed and imprisoned Mahendra’s’ mother Devasena for 25 years. Now, if you have seen the movie you would know that Mahendra did not have the means to fight the large army of Bhallala Deva. If you don’t, the next paragraph has a spoiler.

After instigating the common people of Mahishmati to fight against Bhallala Deva, Mahendra Baahubali realises it is impossible for him to enter the fortress. An agitated Mahendra told Kattappa he would do anything to enter the palace, which is when the latter asked him to calm down and think like Amrendra Baahubali. And Mahendra did think like his father.


What he did next was to shell himself and few others with spears and catapult on the  the palace using dates trees. The scene showed Mahendra landing in the palace, obviously unhurt. But what surprised me more that he stood on his feet, defying the laws of gravity. If the overdone propelling to the fort was not enough, Mahendra used a hammer to break the chains of a huge door in a way that would put Thor to shame.

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Those who have watched the movie would understand that Rajamouli did go unreasonable with this scene. Now, you might argue that Rajamouli did the same with the movie from the start. You might say he showed the same when Amrendra demolished a dam to save the Kuntala Kingdom from invaders, or in the scene in which Baahubali brought Devasena to Mahishmati in a boat that later turned into a flying object. Agreed, that Baahubali 2 showed that Amrendra Baahubali has some magical superpowers. But, what Amrendra did only added to his valour and proved what a great warrior he was. But when his son Mahendra tried following his father’s footsteps, I was not impressed. Maybe, because Amrendra did not defy gravitational rules like Mahendra’s catapulting act.

Would you explain the scene to us, Mr Rajamouli?

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