Bigg Boss 10: Will Priyanka Jagga's eviction leave Indiawale scattered?

Priyanka Jagga was the most consistent contestant so far

Proving that it’s one of the most unpredictable reality TV shows in the country, Bigg Boss 10 has gone through a shocking elimination. Unarguably the most entertaining participant this season, Priyanka Jagga, has got eliminated in the first week. Sources have revealed that the entire house was stunned when host Salman Khan asked her to come out of the show. Apart from Priyanka, the contestants nominated for the eviction this week were Monalisa, Manu Punjabi and Gaurav Chopra.

Though eviction will be announced in Sunday’s episode, the first weekend special of the season saw Salman saving Manu Punjabi. Priyanka’s eviction comes as more shocking since everybody including Salman had appreciated her tactics on the show. She was clearly seen justifying her place on the show. Since day 1, the lady was seen making her space in the hearts of audiences. She even won the luxury budget task for her team. Her so-called-Karva Chauth fast also made for an entertaining sight. Her chemistry with Swami Om ji was completely unmissable. The guruji even declared that Priyanka is not a normal woman but a devi (goddess).

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Bigg Boss 10 contestants Twitter photo for

Bigg Boss 10 contestants (Courtesy: Twitter/ Bigg Boss)

As unexpected as the elimination seems, it takes us back to season 8 of Bigg Boss. In the season that saw Gautam Gulati as the winner, contestant Deepshikha Nagpal’s eviction generate quite a stir among the fans. The actress was a popular contestant that season and was seen playing her game quite well in the house. However, she had to leave the house in the third week of the show itself. Much like Deepshikha, Priyanka was one of the very few who showed the colours of their characters in the show.

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Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 10 Twitter photo for

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 10 (Courtesy: Twitter/ Bigg Boss)

With Priyanka’s exit, one of the strongest contestants from team Indiawale is out. Now there are seven commoners and seven celebrities in the house. Let’s see how the game moves ahead from here.

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