Bigg Boss 10 house photos: Royalty & Elegance in Omung Kumar's design once again

Bigg Boss 10 house has a Moroccan theme fused in with a modern Indian palace

The countdown to Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 has begun. Apart from the new format (celebs vs aam admi), the makers have brought in a new theme for the house as well. Much like heaven vs hell or the airport-themed house, the Indian royalty can be seen reflected in the big house this year. Designer Omung Kumar and wife Vanita, who are responsible to design the stunning Bigg Boss house in Lonavala every year, have brought in a fusion theme in the house. The house appears as a modern Indian palace with bright colours, loud designs and bold detailing on the walls.

One look at the house and your eyes bulge out to see the grandeur it showcases. Talking about this decor, designer Omung Kumar said:

“The Bigg Boss house, this year, has an ethereal look. The design of the Bigg Boss house, has been themed around a modern Indian palace. There is an element of Indian mystique to the decor with a lot of lanterns and earthy tones to bring a homely appeal to the set. And, the house is more colorful and vibrant this time with lots of paintings.”

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InUth got an opportunity to take a walk inside the house and the experience was no less than opulence. Let’s take a tour inside this incredibly designed house:

The Splash of Colours

Bigg Boss 10 Grand Entrance

As I entered the house, the first thing that came to my immediate notice were the bright colours. Each corner of the house is ecstatically painted with vibrant hues that enrich your mood and make you sit back and observe the beauty each colour speaks out. Omung has used all the lively hues of pink, purple, gold and royal blue which also make the walls look super gleaming.

The Garden area has a surprise

Unless you are living under the rocks, you would be aware about the strict rules of the game run by Bigg Boss. And for the ones, who fail to comply to the boss’ orders, there’s a grand jail being constructed right in the spacious garden area. There’s a mirror, two dusty iron beds, an Indian styled bathroom and an earthen water pot jug inside it. Wonder who would get to have the hang of this comparatively gruesome part of the house first!

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Bigg Boss 10: Swimming Pool

The garden also has a small pool with a giant wall clock adjacent to the pool wall. What is missing in the garden area is the sky lounge which the makers have excluded this time and the Jacuzzi, which they have shifted. Just outside the big glass gate of the house, there are couches with ethnically designed cushions.

Bigg Boss 10: Jail

There’s also a gym.


Bigg Boss 10: Gym

It’s a royal bath (literally)

As you step into the bathroom area of the big house, you find a luxurious Jacuzzi. A pristine white Jacuzzi in a royal purple washroom adorned with peacock graphics. Sure the contestants are going to have a gala time out here. While talking about the inclusion of Jacuzzi in the house, Omung explained how it adds to the luxury. He said: “We’re adding a touch of luxury to the Bigg Boss house with the introduction of a Jacuzzi corner in the bathroom. The design elements have been incorporated to create a balanced experience for both celebrity and common man contestants.”

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Bigg Boss 10: Royal Jacuzzi

The bedroom has secrets already

The orientation of the living room and the bedroom have been interchanged. This year, the contestants’ mornings will be filled with bright sunlight as the altered positions of the living room and bedroom brings in some warm rays. With a special seven-sleeper bed space being created for selected contestants and the rest seven contestants will have to take the single beds. A first-time addition is a walk-in closet adorned with full-length mirrors to ensure that the contestants look their absolute best all the time.


Bigg Boss 10: Bedroom Chamber

Kyun Ki Mein Jhoot Nahi Bolta ‘Confession’ Room

The confession room is one place where the contestants can shed all their inhibitions and share their deepest secrets and desires with Bigg Boss. This room is what defines royalty. There’s a throne in the room which is a classic emulation of a King’s throne covered in deep and glittery gold. With the walls covered in deep red, and rustic lamps suspended from the ceiling, the confession room promises to be a sight for sore eyes.

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Bigg Boss 10: Confession Room

The living room to make them alive

This is situated at the same place where the bedroom was earlier and yet again it is beautiful. Surrounded with lamps, white ceiling that transcends all the natural light and mirrors all around — the living room is full of life.

Bigg Boss 10: Living Room


For those table talks

The kitchen in the house reflects equal parts class and style. Its earthy tones and country design is sure to bring a touch of home to this otherwise royal home. And this is extended to the dining table where a large curved table forms the basis for many conversations and food-related quarrels.

Bigg Boss 10: Kitchen Area

Bigg Boss 10: Dinning area


Interestingly, this year, there will be 78 cameras to keep an eye on the contestants. The house this time is built in 8000 sq ft. And as per the theme of the game show this season  — India isse apna hi ghar samjho, the contestants are made to feel homely.

Bigg Boss 10 starts tonight at 9 pm and subsequent episodes air every Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm.