World Environment Day 2017: Let these 8 photos convince you to plant a tree today

Still haven't figured out that saving the environment is literally equal to saving yourself? No? Let these fantastic photos convince you then

World Environment Day is probably another thing Donald J Trump does not believe in. If climate change is a Chinese hoax, surely a day spent in talking about how to save nature from the toxic clutches of mankind is slotted in a similar category. Celebrated on June 5 every year as a reminder to us of just how much we are indebted to nature for our existence, recent times have turned the day into just another hashtag for most.

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day to reconnect people with nature. The host country of 2017, Canada, chose the theme to persuade people to go beyond their air conditioned walls, into the wild. To breathe in the clean air, and to appreciate once again, just why taking care of nature is so important.

To convince you to save yourself from becoming The Jetsons in very near future, and in keeping with the theme, we bring you 10 photos so beautiful, they will maybe coax you into planting a tree today.

1) Because without trees, Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad, Kerala, would have been just another housing project:

2) Also, without trees, the famous Kerala backwaters would probably just look like.. land:

3) Lodi Garden, Delhi, would otherwise just be a bunch of monuments on barren land. #NoPreWeddingShootsThen

4) Because without the flora, this would just be a sunset:

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5) Because some say the future generation deserves oxygen too:

6) Because without trees, they would be homeless:

7) Because this photo minus the trees is definitely what hell looks like:

8) And because everyone deserves to wake up to a view like that at least once in their lifetime.

We have already reached a point of no return as far as climate change and global warming is concerned. Must we really push for apocalypse, though? Plant a tree today, or at least this month. Because your Fixed Deposit won’t be able to save you if we run out of oxygen.

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