Say No To EDM--Dance to Bollywood Music in Mumbai

Bollywood music are insatiable, have a fabulous time

We’ve all shaken our hips to Sia’s Cheap Thrills, some Coldplay and Perry and that EDM that we don’t get (seriously, who came up with that?). And we’ve all been bored to death with this playlist on repeat. It gets hard for us Indians to keep bobbing our heads to jazz. Admit it, our heart lies in those tacky Bollywood songs that we pretend to hate. They may be cheesy but there are no better songs to dance to.

We’re never truly satisfied until we let out a few thumkas and shimmies once in a while. We need that dhol-nagada and the peppy beat. What really grinds my gears is that there’s hardly ever any club that gets that no, English songs are not in. They’ve been in and then out again. But, here’s a kicker. This club in Mumbai arrives as a beacon of hope for us desis.

Club Sirkus by DJ Aqeel is the place for you to be. Every Friday and Saturday, this Sahara Star hotel’s club holds commercial and Bollywood nights. If that’s not enough then once or twice every month, the club leaves a spot open for standalone Bollywood nights.

Club Sirkus, Vile Parle

Sirkus, Dj Aqeel

Sirkus DJ Aqeel: (Courtesy: Anita Britto)

Club Sirkus, from the house of Sahara Star hotels, holds commercial and Bollywood nights on Friday and Saturday, along with monthly or bi-monthly Bollywood nights.

Cheer up ladies, they also have Ladies night every Wednesday. Go alone, or with your gang of girls or with your better-half, you gonna love it.

So, all you wonderful peeps, get ready and have some fun till your last breath.

Dj Gavin, Sirkus

DJ Gavin, (Courtesy: Anita Britto)

Mumbai’s circus flock to Aqeel’s Sirkus!