Watch video: Here's how selfie obsessed woman damages artwork worth $200,000

The cost of each sculpture that was damaged because of selfie costed around $20,000. Each piece that got destroyed took 20-30 hours to make

Taking selfies is quite a norm these days, selfie obsessed  don’t mind taking selfies thousand times, just to get one perfect photo. It is because of which many incidents come to light when a selfie obsessed people end up damaging something or the other. Recently, a woman in a bid to get a perfect selfie destroyed the art work in Los Angeles.

The incident took place when the woman tried to take a selfie with one of the displayed crowns which was put on display at an exhibition hosted by The 14th Factory. In her attempt to get a perfect selfie, the woman lost her balance and fell backward which led to causing a cringe-inducing domino effect. The cost of each sculpture that was damaged costed around $20,000.

The spokeswoman of the 14th Factory told to Fox News that three pieces were damaged permanently and the others got partially destroyed. According to China’s Xinhua news agency, each piece that got destroyed took 20-30 hours to make.

However, the artist who created the work forgave the woman. Simon Birch, Hong Kong-based British multimedia artist in a Facebook post wrote, “She was horrified and super upset and we took down her details, but decided not to take action as it was clearly an accident and she’s a student”.

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“Fortunately, The 14th Factory has been a huge success… So no complaints. Oh, and the crowns weren’t insured – we couldn’t afford it but we fixed most of them,” he added.

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This is not the first time when selfie obsession has damaged the artwork, a few months back a person fell over a piece of art by Yayoi Kusama’s project, “Infinity Mirrored Room” exhibition, after which the gallery had to be shut temporarily.

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