Watch: Pakistan's Sartaj Aziz super uncomfortable while being grilled on Islamabad's patronage of Hafiz Saeed

The answers couldn't justify the questions but was seemed in favour of the LeT chief Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan’s foreign security adviser Sartaj Aziz was seen pretty uncomfortable in an interview when he was questioned about the most wanted terrorist and mastermind of the Mumbai 26/11 attacks Hafiz Saeed.

In an interview with the German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, when senior journalist Tim Sebastian asked him initially about the extremist groups sheltered in Pakistan with changing their names, Sartaj Aziz was totally left blank and was not able to give a single answer which could justify the question.

In response to the question, Aziz said,”They are not allowed to do so. They tried it to repeat and they were caught again and banned from the nation.”

Sebastian stressed on this fact once again and this time he cited the example of Lashkar-e-Taiba which then became Jamat-ud-Dawa and continued their activities. Since it was a direct question on the privilege given to Hafiz Saeed from Pakistan, Sartaj simply gave a cover to the head of the terrorist outfit and said that the Pakistani administration has arrested. But the fact is Hafiz Saeed has been sent to a house arrest and even the journo said that it was a liberal step which Pakistan took against him.

Finally, bringing India’s blame on Hafiz Saeed in focus, asked that India has claimed that he was the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks and provided proofs as weel but Pakistan did nothing and sent him to house arrest instead. To this, Aziz simply said that India failed to provide enough of evidence which could Hafiz’s direct involvement in the attacks.

A part of this conversation was posted by the German media on its Facebook Page.