WATCH: Is Donald Trump confessing that he lied during the US election campaign

Donald Trump has begun to confess how he had made exaggerated claims during the US Presidential campaign to win the popular vote, a popular television anchor has noted.

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show put together certain recordings from Trump’s latest speeches in a video, in which the President elect is seen making light of some of the promises he had made in the lead up to the historic poll.

The speeches are from Trump’s post election ‘thank you tour’, which involves the flamboyant real estate magnate visiting American states that helped him clinch the election against Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Noah dubbed “truth-speaking” Trump as Trump’s ‘alter ego’, ‘Truth Trump’.

“What we’re seeing here is a character I like to call Truth Trump. You’ll notice it if you watch him closely: The Donald voices some political opinion, and then Truth Trump slips out and tells you the real deal,” the South African anchor noted.

Noah humorously pointed out that nobody was paying attention when Trump was speaking the “real deal”.

In one of the video grabs from Trump’s speeches, he is seen praising House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Republican who Trump wasn’t on good terms with during the election.

“Paul Ryan is like a fine wine. Every day goes by, I get to appreciate his genius more and more,” Trump was seen as saying.

In one of his speeches, Trump is seen hinting to his audience that he decided on employing the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ only after it ‘caught on’ with the people.

“Drain the swamp? Right?” Trump said as he smirked.