Watch: How 2 elephants teamed up to rescue a drowning calf!

Elephants are smarter than you realise! Watch them display brilliant teamwork skills and rescue drowning baby elephant together

The animal world will never cease to amaze you. Our animal friends have some astounding secret abilities that they use on a regular basis which help them deal with problems in their part of the world. Every other day, you come across videos of different species from the animal world that make your eyes go wide open and jaw drop. They have some incredible survival and communication strategies.

Elephants who are known for their exceptionally good memory are also brilliant at teamwork. A video that has gone viral show two elephants rescue a drowning calf from the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea. In the video, you can see the two adult elephants and a calf coming to drink water from the swimming pool of the zoo. To much of their horror, the baby elephant slips into the water and frantically tries to come up.

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The shocked and anxious adult elephant tries its best to help the calf who makes effort keep his mouth above the trunk. One of the most astonishing parts of the video is when the second elephants run to help the calf on hearing the cries. In a fraction of a second, the adult elephants seemed to have a certain communication, following which both the elephants who were desperately trying to bring the calf to safety, themselves rushed into the water together and brought the drowning calf out of the water.

Additionally, you can also see another adult elephant who was on the other side of the fence making desperate attempts to come to the calf’s aid but failed to do so. Either way, the amazing display of teamwork only made us wonder if humans would react the same way keeping in mind the dozens of incidents of public apathy.

Watch the amazing video that has garnered more than 459,000 views till now here:

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