Did the German Chancellor Angela Merkel really 'ignore' PM Narendra Modi's handshake? Watch this video for Fact Check

Prime Minister Modi is in Germany on the invitation of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The Internet is going crazy about German Chancellor Angela Merkel “overlooking” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gesture to shake hands with her. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Berlin as part of his four-nation tour of Europe, issued a joint statement with the German chancellor where he raised the climate change issue and stressed on the bilateral ties between the two countries. However, After the presser, when PM Modi extended his hand for the handshake, the Chancellor brought the PM’s attention towards photo-op point in front of the flags of the two nations.

Interestingly, this was not the first time the media has played up this kind of story involving Modi and Merkel. When the prime minister made his first official visit to Germany two years ago, same scene had played out during the joint statement. It snowballed into a controversy sparking a major online debate with many questioning if the Indian PM had been “snubbed”.

Earlier, PM Narendra Modi had a chat with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as both of them met at her country retreat near Berlin for informal talks. During their conversation, both the leaders had a walk on the grounds of Schloss Meseberg which is a Baroque castle in the Brandenburg district of Germany constructed in the 18th century. This ground is the official state guest house of the German Chancellor.

Both of them believed to have discussed issues of mutual interest. Moreover, few pictures were also shared on the official Twitter handle of PM Narendra Modi along with a caption which said, “Had a very good interaction with Chancellor Merkel.”