Watch: 'F*** India,' woman hurls abuses at Indian man and his pregnant wife in Australia

An Indian man and his pregnant wife was left shell-shocked after a woman in Australia continued to yell and hurl abuses at them. Watch video here

Amid reports of several incidents of racism across the globe, in an extremely shameful incident, an Indian couple was humiliated by a woman in Australia after they purportedly asked for a seat on an empty bench.  The Indian man identified as Utsav Patel posted the video of the woman hurling curse words at him when he apparently asked if they could sit on the bench since his wife was pregnant.

In return, the woman lashed out the couple by using words like “F*** India” and even went on him to show him her middle finger when he told her that she was going up on social media. The incident reportedly took place on April 22 in Luna Park. In the video, you can see the woman shouting at the top of her voice and getting furious after the man refused to leave. She continues to tell him to “go away”.

When Utsav asked where the security guard was, she yelled at him saying, “What’s security going to do? I can say whatever I like, get f***ed.”


According to Dailymail Australia, NSW police approached Utsav to enquire about entire incident, but it still unclear whether an investigation has been launched.