Video shows Pakistan Army brutally torture youths seeking jobs in occupied Kashmir

Pakistani army reportedly thrashed and tortured 4 youths who were seeking jobs

In yet another incident of brutality in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, (PoK), 4 youths seeking jobs were tortured and thrashed after being illegally detained by Pakistani security officials in the Neelam valley. The incident took place when the unemployed youth were looking for jobs on the worksite when they were reportedly tortured by the officials on the command of a Pakistani contractor.

The victims have alleged that the Pakistani army captain has ordered his army to carry guns and shoot any locals they find looking for jobs near the worksite. “We don’t remember the name, Captain of the Pakistani army was also accompanying them and he ordered the men to shoot us. He asked them to carry their arms along with them and gave a shoot at sight order for any local villager who they find seeking a job” a local resident of the PoK was quoted as saying.

The locals have further alleged that while the atrocities continue in the region, the local authorities do not take any action against the perpetrators and instead take orders from the Pakistan army.

“We condemn these kinds of incidents in the region and demand that such incidents should immediately be stopped. All these forces occupying the region have made life hell for the common people residing in PoK. When will all this stop? For how long will the locals have to undergo such sufferings? How long are we going to live amid terror and fear?,” Taifoor Akbar, Student leader, of the People’s National Party, PoK said.

A number of people had also staged a massive protest recently outside the United Nations headquarters against the atrocities carried out by Pakistani security forces in Balochistan and Sindh. Claiming that Pakistani army was committing genocide, Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, Secretary General, BNM-North America, stated that security forces took away a number of residents and also set their homes on fire.

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