US Presidential Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton edges past Donald Trump in opinion polls

Hillary Clinton seems to have benefited from the clean-chit in the email controversy by the FBI.

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton holds a four-percentage point edge over her Republican opponent Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections, the final Fox News pre-poll survey predicted.

Clinton leads Trump by 48-44 per cent in the news channel’s latest survey. On the other hand, Reuters/Ipsos State of the Nation predicted her to win 90 by a whopping 90 per cent margin. The survey found Clinton to win 303 votes in the electoral college, way past the 270 needed to occupy the White House. On the other hand, Trump would fetch 235 votes and 42 per cent of the popular vote as compared to his rival’s 45 per cent.

Similarly, USA Today has pegged Clinton to win the coveted post with a popularity vote percentage of 45.3 as compared to Trump’s 42. Clinton, who had unsuccessfully fought primaries against Barack Obama during the 2008 elections, enjoys 49 per cent popularity as compared to Trump’s 46 per cent, a survey by ABC News predicted.

The Los Angeles Times‘ final survey will leave the Democrat nominee elated as the news website has estimated that she would end up with a whopping 352 votes in the electoral college. As obvious, Trump would have to settle with 186, far behind the majority mark.

Earlier, Clinton’s popularity had taken a hit last month after the Federal Bureau of Investigation had stated that that it had stumbled upon a set of 650,000 emails related to investigation against the email controversy surrounding her. However, she received a relief after the FBI on Monday said that it found nothing wrong in those emails.

Trump is also facing criticism following the infamous 2005 tape featuring him making sexist comments.