Who will win the US Presidential Elections 2016? These astrologers try and predict

Opinion polls have predicted a close contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to occupy the White House.

After more than 18 months of an arduous pre-poll process, the world’s most powerful nation will exercise the right to vote for electing its next president. Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton have left no stone unturned to woo the 120-million strong American electorate.

Both the candidates have tirelessly campaigned since being nominated, exchanging barbs and holding fiery debates. The poll pundits have predicted the electoral battle between the duo to be a neck and neck contest. However, the astrologers too have their predictions.

Pun Yin, is a renowned Feng shui expert based in New York, who has worked with Trump as a consultant while the Trump International Tower and Hotel was being built. According to Yin, Clinton was born in 1947 which according to the feng shui calendar happens to be the year of the pig. According to Quartz, Yin says the year carries a baggage of hardships and bad luck.

On the other hand, Trump was born in 1946, which according to the calendar, is the year of dogs. Yin says that the Republican candidate is currently in his high cycle. She further states that the businessman politician’s elemental composition is ‘earth’ thereby implying that he is known for nursing personal grudges. Yin claims that Trump will have turbulent times in 2017 and 2018.

Susan Miller, another astrologer has predicted a recount of the votes as there will be confusion and Neptune will conjunct the moon. Her Twitter account AstrologyZone has around three lakh followers.

Mayan astrologer expert Aiesha Cosmos has predicted that the Election Day will be ‘lucky’ for Trump. She says Clinton’s inner sign is ‘white solar wind guided by mirror’. Adding further, Cosmos says that such people think about themselves first. She also claims that the Democrat nominee is not favoured among the elite.

Contrary to this, Cosmos claims that Republican candidate is able to conceive things and convert into reality, and his inner being is defined by the Sun, symbolising love and humility.