US Presidential debate: Social media gives thumbs up to Hillary, Trump's sneezes a sensation

Social media users offered their sharpest comments as Hillary and Trump engaged in a fierce 90-minute debate.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came face to face on Monday in their first ever debate for the US presidential polls, and on social media, the former US first lady took the lead hands down.

“Clinton came prepared, Trump didn’t, and it showed”, was the main takeway of millions of people who had glued in to watch the live presidential debate.

Supporting Hillary, US Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, “Tonight, @HillaryClinton proved she is ready to be President — and Donald Trump proved he is not. #debatenight.”

While Hillary and Trump engaged in a fierce 90-minute war of words, the social media users offered their sharpest commentary and gave the funniest reactions too.

It was not just the US that was keenly observing the statements by the two presidential nominees, back in India too, people kept a keen eye on each and every statement made during the debate.

Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary Ram Madhav did not shy away from asserting that Hillary was the clear winner of the first face off.

Not just praises, the two leaders were poked with jokes too.

But while Hillary stole the limelight for faring a tad bit better in the debate, Trump also made a mark on Twitter. May be not as how he would have wanted though.

The Republican presidential candidate throughout the debate kept sniffling repeatedly, giving rise to the hashtag #Trumpsniffle.

Twitter said the debate was the most tweeted-about political moment in the social media company’s history. Trump was the focus of 62 per cent of the conversation on the social media platform, Twitter said.

On Facebook, conversations about Trump made up 79 percent of debate chatter, while Clinton’s share of the conversation was 21 per cent.