Trump puts on Indian accent to 'imitate' PM Modi and Twitter isn't surprised

Twitter was quick to pick up on Trump's  reported comment slamming the leader for 'immaturity'

US President Donald Trump has reportedly imitated Prime Minister Narendra Modi by putting on his Indian accent in the context of US’ move to send more troops into Afghanistan.

According to the Washington Post, when Modi travelled to the US last year, he supported the decision of sending in more troops to Afghanistan in a bid to tackle terrorism and insurgency.

At that time, Trump reportedly imitated the accent of Prime Minister Modi, claiming that the latter told him, “Never has a country given so much away for so little in return”, referring to US’ troops in Afghanistan.

Both the leaders reportedly share a close and cordial relationship which has also led to the Indian leader being invited to the Oval Office on several occasions

Trump claimed the Indian leader’s comment was was proof the rest of the world viewed the United States as being taken advantage of in Afghanistan.

Both the White House and the US State Department were unaware of such a claim. Even, Indian officials in US did not immediately respond to it.

However, Twitter was quick to pick up on Trump’s  reported comment slamming the leader for ‘immaturity’

This is not the first time that Trump has reportedly adopted a fake Indian accent.

While he was campaigning in 2016, the US President used fake Indian accent to mock a call center representative in India.

He called up his credit card company to find out whether their customer support is based in the US or overseas.

“So I called up, under the guise I’m checking on my card, I said, ‘Where are you from?'” Trump said and then he copied the response from the call center in a fake Indian accent. “We are from India,” Trump impersonated the response.