The REAL truth behind viral video of a girl who called Donald Trump a 'disgrace to the world'

Remember the video of a young girl telling Donald Trump that he’s “a disgrace to the world”? Here's the real truth behind the viral video

You may or may not like United States President Donald Trump for reasons best known to you. Not long ago, a video where a little girl stunned everyone when she called Donald Trump a “disgrace” went viral on social media. Naturally, Trump haters across the world shared it heavily and rejoiced as someone out there had publicly slammed him on his face.

However, turns out the video is fake. Yes, the little girl did use the words. But the person she was telling the words to was not Donald Trump. The person shown in the viral video clip was actually Anthony Atamanuik from the President’s show and the entire thing was only a segment of the show. Atamanuik had taken to the streets by dressing up and behaving like Trump. A closer look at the man and you would know that he was not the real Trump. The wig probably made it difficult for people to identify him.

Also, Atamanuik affirmed that none of the reactions that he received was fake and the little was still “right”.


In the video, you could also see people telling him that they hate him when the “fake” Donald Trump greeted them. When the video went viral on social media, netizens just could not stop hailing and applauding the girl for making such a bold statement. Some of them even went on to call her a “portrait of courage”.