Narendra Modi hugs Donald Trump THRICE. Twitter calls him a 'Serial Hugger'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the jinx in America after meeting the President of America. In response to Donald Trumps, PM Modi hugged him thrice and the social media goes crazy

Whenever Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the United States of America, social media goes crazy. Whether be his speech at the Times Square, his walks with former US President, his meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg or his interaction with Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman, every time that he has appeared globally, social media has been abuzz with reactions. And this time, when PM Narendra Modi met the recently elected US President Donald Trump and hugged him THRICE, the pictures and reactions from the people across the world just broke the internet.

Donald Trump, who is often mocked at for his style of shaking hands with political leaders and others, was seen responding to Narendra Modi’s hugs. Not once or twice, but three times. Jokes have been that Trump’s grip while shaking hands is too hard to even crack a walnut. Some say that if he is in a good mood, he may also offer a complimentary pat on the hand.

Here is how Twitter is reacting to the ‘warm hugs’ between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump:

After all these, the Indian PM seems to have got another nickname – ‘SERIAL HUGGER’.

Let’s have a look at the history of these hugs and find out who were the fortunate ones to receive this miraculous warmth from the Indian Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi hugs Former US President, barack Obama

Narendra Modi hugs Former US President, Barack Obama

Mr Obama’s reactions say it all.

Narendra Modi hugs Mark Zuckerburg

Narendra Modi hugs Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg

And this one with Mark. Is he asking him to accept his friend request? (LoL)

PM Modi hugging Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

PM Modi hugging Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

It seems Dhokla and Fafda will be available with ‘Mexican Spicy Mayo’

PM Modi withCrown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

Next time, send a Golden Lamborghini to receive me, Mr Prince!

PM Modi hugs Hugh Jackman

PM Modi hugs Hugh Jackman

Kemchho Wolverine Bhai?

And, last but not the least,

PM Modi hugs Ramdev baba

PM Modi hugs Ramdev Baba

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