Meet Tulsi Gabbard, The First Hindu-American To Run For US President

Born to an Indian-American mother and a Samoan father, Gabbard also served in the combat zone in Iraq and Kuwait

Tulsi Gabbard is one of seven Democrats in the running to become the next President of the United States of America. The 37-year-old is the first Hindu-American to be a presidential candidate in the

A war veteran, Gabbard served in the field medical unit of the Hawaiian National Guard and was deployed to Iraq and later, Kuwait. At 21, she became the youngest female legislator in the US when she was elected to Hawai’i’s House of Representatives. During her tenure, she strongly supported clean energy and voiced for the improvement of the environment. However, she came under fire for supporting her father’s anti-gay organization which had been voicing for conversion therapies.

She then got elected to Honolulu city council where she worked on loosening parking restrictions.

She got elected to the US House of Representatives in 2013 from Hawai’i’s 2nd congressional district. During her tenure, she famously met with Bashar al-Assad and voiced her opposition for the Syrian dictator’s removal.

As a presidential candidate, she supports universal healthcare, voices for abortion rights and has changed her stance on LGBT rights.