Indian-origin woman denied entry to US, told she got 'trumped'

Indian-Origin woman was barred from entering the US and was told that she would need an immigrant visa if she wanted to enter the country

In the backdrop of United States President’s Donald Trump’s travel ban move, an Indian-origin Canadian woman was denied entry to the US and was asked to get an immigrant visa if she wanted to enter the country.

The 39-year-old, Manpreet Kooner, who currently resides in the Montreal city of Canada, was travelling along with her friends when she was asked to step aside and were taken to a room for further questioning. The officers even clicked her pictures, took her fingerprints and also wee looking for the vehicle she arrived in. After waiting for almost 6 hour Manpreet claimed that she was told to get an immigrant visa if she wished to enter the country.

Alleging that the agent told her that she was “trumped,” the officers also told her that she was being denied entry because she was an immigrant. “Unbelievable. Refused entry to the States. Because I’m apparently an Immigrant who now requires a Visa to enter the States. While informing me that I cannot enter the States. The office told me ‘I’ve been trumped’,” she wrote on Facebook.

Donald Trump has been facing criticism from several quarters due to his regressive travel ban order imposed on the people from seven Muslim-majority countries. A US court had also rejected his travel ban policy following which, he said that he was going to come up with a revised executive order.

His administration hopes that the new ban will end legal challenges by imposing a 90-day ban on the issuance of new visas for citizens of six majority-Muslim nations.

Experts say that the new ban will be more difficult to challenge in court since it no longer covers legal residents or existing visa holders. It also makes waivers possible for some business, diplomatic and other travellers, hence making it difficult for people in the United States who can legally claim they have been harmed.