Here's what Donald Trump's revised travel ban order says

After drawing criticism from several quarters for the travel ban order, United States President Donald Trump has reportedly revised the travel ban order. The draft of the new executive order targets the same seven countries listed in the original immigration ban order but have decided to exempt green card holders and people who have a visa to travel to the US.

Following a court injunction on his executive order on travel ban, US President Donald Trump had earlier stated that he will sign a new version of his executive order banning citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries and all refugees from travelling to the United States. Stating that it does not want a larger appellate panel to review the court ruling, Trump administration in a court filing on February 16 said, it would soon replace the travel ban with his new executive order.

The seven countries listed in the executive order includes Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. According to the new order, green-card holders and dual citizens of the US and any of those countries are exempt.

“In so doing, the president will clear the way for immediately protecting the country rather than pursuing further, potentially time-consuming litigation,” the administration said in the court documents. Addressing a news conference at White House, Trump said, “The new order is going to be very much tailored to what I consider a very, very bad decision.” while adding that the new order will still achieve the goal of blocking terrorist from entering the United States.

The federal court had affirmed that the states had raised “serious” allegations that the ban targets Muslims, and the courts could consider statements Trump has made about shutting down Muslim immigration.